Lavender aromatherapy cushion Elidonis

A nice and delicate pillow filled with 100% pure, dried lavender. With its fine properties, lavender makes it easier for you to shift from work and stress mode to rest and relaxation. With its suitable shape, color and weight, you can take the pillow with you on a trip or use it as a natural aroma source that releases natural fragrance over a long period of time. The pillow is also the perfect gift for a loved one.

Size: 23 cm x 13 cm (9" x 5.1")
Wight: 90 gram (3.17oz) herbs

Delivery time: 1-7 working days with Bring
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The approximate value of kr299.00 (norwegian krone) in euros is 28.00 ‎€,  in US dollars is $31.20 , in British Pound is £24.50 


Elidonis fragrance pillow is an aromatherapy product filled with fragrant and soothing herbs that helps you wind down and relax after a hectic day.
By using our aromatherapy pillow you can easily go from work and stress mode to rest and relaxation.

The contents of the fragrance pad consist of 100% dried lavender herbs from certified manufacturers. The fabric on the outside is made of 100% pure and untreated cotton.

The principle behind the herbal pillow is based on aroma and wave therapy. Lavender is a fragrant, shrub-like plant.

Lavender is often used for anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, depression, headaches, dementia, upset stomach, wound healing and hair loss.
It is also known for its good and natural effect against moths and other insects.

Who can use it?

Elidonis herbal pillow can be used by anyone, regardless of age, as long as they are not allergic to any of the ingredients. It can be used by small uneasy children, young people who enjoy the scent, adults who are stressed and pensioners who just want to enjoy the lovely aroma. In the development of our products, we have chosen herbs with a balanced and pleasant aroma that emits fragrance for a long period of time.
We hope that our herbal pillow will be liked, enjoyed and used by many.

Under your Pillow
helps with a sound sleep
In your wardrobe
or a pleasant and fresh aroma
On the couch
for a calming sensation
In the office
to decrease stress while you work
During yoga
to stimulate your senses
During treatments and massages
for total relaxation

Where can it be used?

You can place your Elidonis herbal pillow on your bedside table or underneath your normal pillow to achieve a better and calmer night's sleep. You can also place it on the sofa for relaxation after a busy day at work. If you like, you can even have the pillow at the office to unwind while you're working.

You can take it with you to yoga classes or massages for ultimate relaxation, or you can use it in any other situations where you want to de-stress.

It is compact and nice and you can take it on a trip to the hotel room or in the suitcase to give a fresh aroma to the clothes, and not least in the wardrobe where lavender is well known for keeping moths and insects away.

How to use the herbal pillow

Elidonis fragrance pillow is intended for use in many different ways. You do not need any specific instructions to use the pillow. To maintain the quality of the pillow, you should remember the following:
Elidonis fragrance pillow is made from natural ingredients. Remember that dried herbs must be squeezed, rubbed, stirred and aerated regularly. This way you will get more fragrance when you need to.

Feel free to store the fragrance pillow in an airtight box when not in use, and when you’re traveling.

The pillow can fill small rooms with aromatic scent. However the best effect is achieved when you place the pillow nearby or walk past it.


Proper storage and use is important to achieve the best experience with your pillow and to prolong its lifespan as much as possible. Elidonis fragrance pillow is filled with dried herbs that needs to be kept in a dry and airy environment.

The pillow should be stored at room temperature, but never in direct sunlight.

For a continuous and constant scent, you must squeeze, rub and stir the pad regularly to activate the herbs and to make them give off a scent for a longer period of time. Feel free to store the pillow in an airtight box when it's not in use, or when you’re travelling. We recommend that you replace the pillow at least once a year to ensure equally good experiences and quality every time.
Do you use your pillow a lot? Do you squeeze it often?
Then you may want to change your pillow more regularly according to your wishes and needs.

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Fikk duftputen kjapt og greit rett i postkassen hjemme. Størrelsen er perfekt til å ha med på
reise, eller flytte rundt i huset, men det er selvfølgelig selve duften som er den store helten
her <3 Lukter helt fantastisk lavendel av den, og den fyller omgivelsene på en balansert
måte. Garantert gjenkjøp, og en sikker gave til venner og familie!

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